Ricus Search – excerpt

Outlook on something I’ve been working on for a while now. Work in progress. English title might be changed before publication.

„Didn’t it ever occur to you that it might be… unhealthy to look for someone who you knew was superior to you from the first time you met them?“
Ricu was still crying after the beating he had received from this Ramon. And he felt exposed, or rather, humiliated in the cell where, apart from the pillow and the thin bedspread, there was nothing to cover himself with. To sit or lie down would have been painful, with the redness and bruises already beginning to show. In general, every touch hurt on his sore buttocks, thighs, but also on his chest. Not even the fabric of the bedspread felt pleasant. But it would have been worse not to have it.
„Will you at least tell me now where I actually am here?“, Ricu nevertheless wanted to know, once he had caught himself a bit.
The other laughed. Condescending, yet honest in his own way.
„Where you are here – in a place you won’t leave again, should you figure that out. Maybe never again. And again, it’s another one of those cases that begs the question: Are you sure this is what you want? To serve as a slave in this house for the rest of your life? Because something else, to be clear, you are not in this place and you never will be.“
Ricu wanted to answer. He wanted to disagree, start a discussion, an argument. But he wasn’t able to. Still, he felt too much like crying. After all, he had already had to realize: There was no way out of this cell. Since he had been in this place, in this building, he had not seen a ray of sunlight, no window, no way out, nothing like that. Even the light switch was out of his reach. Just a little push on it, from his counterpart, and he would once again be trapped in this darkness. As much as curiosity had driven Ricu, as much as he had longed to see this man again, now facing him, on the other side of the bars, dressed in a loose robe of black and red tones: this was not worth it.
„And what about your name? If you have me in your power, may I at least know what your name is?“
When Ricu hadn’t managed to speak a word for a while, his counterpart had briefly raised his eyebrows and turned away from him, getting ready to leave the room. Leaving him alone in this cold, dark dungeon. Perhaps even in darkness. Without the slightest connection to the outside world.
„Please!“, Ricu called after him. And for a moment he actually turned, eyed him. Threw him a smug smile, for which Ricu couldn’t help but intimately hate him. And raised his hand to the light switch so slowly that Ricu could easily follow it even at a distance.
„No, please…“ he still pleaded.
It couldn’t change anything. Shortly after, the other was nothing more than a shadow in front of the light coming from the neighboring room. The next moment, the door closed behind him. Darkness was all that remained. Ricu was alone.

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